Introduction about Tran Gia

Tran Gia Commerce Development Limited Company is a leading enterprise specializing in the import and distribution of health and beauty products from renowned and reputable global brands to the Vietnamese market.

With over a decade of establishment and development, coupled with outstanding product quality and services, Tran Gia has achieved significant growth with representative offices in major cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, alongside an extensive distribution network of nearly 10,000 pharmacies, cosmetics stores, mother and baby supermarkets, retail stores, and agents nationwide, along with a diverse online business network through websites and e-commerce platforms. This includes major pharmacy chains like Long Chau, Pharmacity, An Khang, Medicare, Guardian, Manh Ty, and supermarket chains such as AEON, LOTTE, GS25, 7-ELEVEN, Con Cung, Bibomart, Hasaki, Cocolux, Nuty, Shammishop, Mint Cosmetics, Skin 365, Skin food, Lixibox, and more.

Our success stems from a distinct business strategy. From the early days of inception, Tran Gia has been a distributor of high-quality health care brands from Australia, the UK, Korea, the US, and the EU. Presently, Tran Gia proudly holds the exclusive distribution rights in Vietnam for global leading brands such as BATISTE (the world’s No. 1 dry shampoo), FEMFRESH (the UK’s No. 1 premium feminine intimate skincare), HOPE’S RELIEF (Australia’s No. 1 skincare brand), CAPITANO (the first and oldest toothpaste brand in Italy), as well as the finest Korean cosmetics brands including Tinchew color cosmetic, RE:CIPE sun protection, Ottie skincare products, the renowned inner perfume Foellie, and serves as a strategic partner to global corporations like Church & Dwight (1846, USA), etc.

Guided by a comprehensive business strategy and expansive vision, Tran Gia consistently maintains its pioneering position, enhances operational efficiency, and elevates product quality and services to establish a competitive edge in the market. Tran Gia aims to expand, collaborate, and develop to become the premier distributor in our field in Vietnam and a key supplier to the Southeast Asian market and neighboring regions.





Corporate culture is the foundation for sustainable development. We prioritize the training and development of our entire staffs to uphold our core values. Our culture is synonymous with professionalism, dynamism, and creativity, all underpinned by a deep sense of dedication, empathy, and responsibility as we live by the principle of “Quality with Integrity.”
Tran Gia has a longstanding commitment to nurturing the well-being of our staffs, both economically and spiritually. Through initiatives led by the Labor Union and annual events in tourism, culture, and sports, we ensure a holistic approach to employee care. Over the course of our growth, Tran Gia has cultivated distinct cultural characteristics that reflect our unique identity, becoming a source of pride and unity among our team members. This cohesive culture acts as the adhesive that binds us together, forging a cohesive and strong-knit community at Tran Gia.


Tran Gia always considers “At Tran Gia, we consider “Human Resources as the Core Factor and the Most Valuable Asset.” Therefore, every activity is centered around “People,” and Tran Gia is committed to building a lean team of professionals who possess both “Talent” and “Heart.” With attractive remuneration policies, Tran Gia gathers an outstanding, passionate, and talented workforce. Tran Gia has become an ideal workplace due to our dynamic and creative environment, where employees can fully exercise their right to work and be honored, find joy and value in their work, and thrive in a cohesive team built on respect and trust. Tran Gia places significant emphasis on human resource development through comprehensive training programs to enhance professional skills. Particularly, with a dedicated focus, Tran Gia’s leadership team remains united in their commitment to human resource planning and development.


We provide the highest quality products and services at competitive prices to meet all customer needs. Our commitment is to operate based on the benefits and trust of our partners and customers, adhering to the motto “Quality with Integrity.” .

We guarantee credibility, ensuring the best rights and benefits for our customers and partners, in compliance with legal regulations, contributing positively to the economic, social, and environmental development of Vietnam.

Balancing the interests of the business with social benefits, we actively participate in community-oriented activities, bringing valuable contributions to society through the best possible development conditions, both materially and spiritually.